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Advantages Of LED Lights

Le 10 September 2014, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

High brightness LED lights have gained a huge popularity for a various number of reasons. The very fact that high brightness LED serve the purposes like great brightness, small size, long life, low power consumption, easily portable and other such extremely facilitating features. LED lights were first invented in the year of 1965 in germanium materials. The cost then of cheap LED tube light  was $45. From then on, LED lights have transformed through various stages to attain the popularity that it enjoys in today's world. These lights are extremely advantageous and serve purposes aplenty.

When you are going to buy a high brightness LED light panel manufacturers certain things should be kept in mind. The flashlight bulb number of the high brightness LED light that you are about to buy should be checked. The flashlight bulb number should neither be too high nor be too low. The wielding and wedding aspects of the high brightness LED light should be checked as well. Don't forget to check whether the diodes are connected to the circuit by soldering. Aspects like lithium electricity, ordinary battery and battery should be checked judiciously before buying a high brightness LED light, so that you don't face any problem with the high brightness LED light in future.

LED line have also become hugely popular for household usage. If you have been thinking about increasing the level of security at your home or to add some glaze in the lighting outside of your house there are very options which will serve you better than LED line lights. Walkways, driveways or garden paths can be beautifully enlightened by the usage of gu10 LED bulbs. LED line basically serve two purposes in tandem. They light the otherwise darkened part of your household, and it also helps for security purposes as dark areas are more prone to potential danger. The level of safety and wonderful ambience provided by these lights are amazing.

However it is important that you chose the correct type of lighting for lighting up the darkened parts of your house. Too much light in the front or back part of your house may become tedious. The light intensity of the high power LED street light should be carefully checked before you buy the lights. The light fixture designs should also be checked and chosen according to your choice. Some LED line lights come with timers installed in them which help in saving your electricity bills to a great extent.

LED Light Contribute to Reduce Internet Radiation

Le 10 September 2014, 04:21 dans Humeurs 0

LED lighting as the low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting equipment has been gradually acknowledged by us, thanks to its rich color, long life and strong safety performanceï¼OEthe industry is optimistic about the LED light and have gradually transformed ordinary lighting ( such as incandescent) out of the lighting marketï¼OE as the strategic emerging industries in the field of intelligent lighting the state and local governments strongly support. Experts predict that  cheap LED industrial lighting will achieve universal around 2015.

LED light source support broadband connection

A computer can be placed under the irradiation of the LED industrial lamp wholesale, which is smoothly connecting network without cable and wireless built-in port to complete web browsing, video playback, and many other network functions, the mystery lies in LED lamps on the roof. According to experts, China Unicom network signal is transmitted to the computer through the LED light. The maximum transfer rate of the Internet measured in this way can reach 2 trillion per second.

new LED technology breakthroughs is endless stream

In fact, since the LED concept was born, the technological breakthroughs is abound. LED lights can also play the role of commander appliances. Some experts introduced through certain techniques LED industrial lighting price been able to control a variety of electrical switches and adjustableï¼OELED lamps is different with the conventional lighting devices, which is not only energy saving, but also sent the modulation signal to complete the transmission of information and commands by high-speed switching operation,. Second switching speeds is up to 200 million times, so keep switching action does not affect the normal lightingï¼OE even will not have an impact on the human body, because the human eye can not see such a fast frequency changes.

LED wireless communications technology into new directions for scientific and technological development

While we have been enjoying the convenient services offered by wireless networks, we are also worried about that the radiation it produces make adverse effects on the human body, but using environmentally friendly cheap LED panel light to surf Internet can completely eliminates the concern. Currently, LED lamp Internet is just one potential shares. But its special information transmission way will be able to access more than 1G per second speed in the future. It is understood that in addition the developmental potential of LED lamp is significant in the intellectual area, further developing wireless communication technology about the LED have been also started at home and abroad, which will become a new direction for future technology development.

Wattage vs Lumens: Know the Difference for Better Lighting

Le 18 August 2014, 05:05 dans Humeurs 0

With the push for using LED industrial light, there is a lot to take into consideration now for lighting levels. One of the biggest arguments is a light Wattage versus the Lumens and determining brightness. The old way of looking at how bright a light will be is to look at the wattage; the higher the wattage the lamp is, the brighter it is. Now we need to focus on the Lumens of the lamp to determine the brightness of the lamp.

What is Wattage of a Light?

The Wattage of the light is the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light, but also the more power it uses. The efficiency of this system was introduced using incandescent lamps.

For instance:

  • 40 Watt lamp produces only 380-460 lumens and uses 40 Watts of energy per hour.
  • 100 Watt lamp produces 1700 – 1800 lumens and uses 100 Watts of energy per hour.
  • Direct sunlight is around 100k lumens and uses no amount of energy per hour.

This was an inefficient way of lighting and there have been many advances, such as the introduction of fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting as well as metal halide, low pressure sodium and high pressure sodium. Fluorescent and compact fluorescent produce better lighting with lower wattage. Metal halide, LPS and HPS produce better lighting, but typically using much higher wattage.

What is a Lumen of Light?

A lumen is the amount of light a certain lamp gives off. If replacing a standard 150 Watt light bulb which gives off around 2600 Lumens, using a 35 Watt LED is about the equivalent. This lowers the needed power of the light by over a quarter of the required power to produce the same light. gu10 LED bulbs can produce 5000 Lumens or more and replace most highway and parking lot lighting fixtures to a more efficient and cost effecting light. This is becoming more efficient every day.

Why this is important to solar lighting

Wholesale LED industrial light needs to take into consideration both the Lumens and the Wattage of a lamp. The wattage provides the needed power from the solar power and battery system to power the solar light fixture for the required amount of time and the Lumens determines how much light is given off by the lamp. The more efficient the fixture or lamp is, the more efficient the solar and the lower the cost of the complete system. Solar lights are also typically lower to the ground and then can produce more lighting with a lower Watt lamp and using a higher Lumen efficiency.

In the end, taking into consideration the lighting levels and Lumens over the Wattage of the lamp will provide a more energy efficient lighting system. Higher Lumen and lower Wattage lamps, especially with LEDs, will provide the best lighting with the lowest energy costs.


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